Cooking is a Family Affair

Cooking as a family

Do you love to cook as a family? Kids start to get curious about cooking, baking and mixing anything and everything from the kitchen together at a young age. As a child I remember going through the kitchen and mixing everything I could find into a big bowl in an attempt to make delicious cookies or brownies. In my mind, pretty much anything would make a great cookie. Nuts, mint extract, chocolate chips, flour, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, butter. I’d seen my mom bake cookies plenty of times and new the basic ingredients, the problem was I never wanted to use a recipe, so they usually turned out terrible and had to be thrown away. I took my inspiration from a favorite childhood book, George’s Marvelous Medicine! I always wondered what would happen when I put the cookie or bar mixture in the oven. Would is start to raise, melt flat, get hard, crispy, doughy. I never knew! As I got older, I decided it was better to follow a proven recipe when making my treats in the kitchen. The results were much better.

Now that I’m a dad, my own children have started to experiment in the kitchen. They both have chef hats and aprons and love daddy time cooking or baking in the kitchen. Cooking as a family is a great activity that provides an opportunity to bond with your kids. Plus, so many people seem to have forgotten the joy and health benefits of cooking at home. I would hate for my kids to grow up and not know how to cook.

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